Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Believe...

This weekend, someone I am acquainted with through work (and now through Twitter and Facebook as well) was tweeting about what he believed in. I am stealing his idea (Thanks, Chris Thomas!) and blogging about what I believe in. I'll add to it as I think about it.

I Believe: in sleeping in on the weekends.
I Believe: you should work hard for what you get, even if it seemingly gets you nowhere.
I Believe: in God. That being said,
I Believe: we all have a right to believe in whatever we want. It isn't my place to judge.
I Believe: that love knows no boundaries.
I Believe: that a good cupcake can brighten anyone's day.
I Believe: in laughing until it hurts.
I Believe: that men should open doors for everyone, especially women.
I Believe: that a glass of wine and a girl friend can make a bad day good.
I Believe: you can never tell your kids you love them too much.
I Believe: really bad things happen to really great people; and it sucks.
I Believe: in forgiveness.
I Believe: God had me in mind the day Adam Levine was put on this earth.
I Believe: it is healthy to be able to laugh at yourself.
I Believe: that a day of watching sports is a day well spent.
I Believe: in yes ma'am and no sir.
I Believe: that my daughter is the sweetest girl on the face of this planet.
I Believe: that bad exists so good can shine through.
I Believe: in reading a good book.
I Believe: sometimes you just need to cry.
I Believe: women are their own worst critic.
I Believe: in dancing half naked in my bedroom.
I Believe: food is the way to my heart.
I Believe: someday, I'll find some unsuspecting man to marry me.
I Believe: I'm a freaking princess.
I Believe: fears of frogs are completely rational.
I Believe: that when you help someone, you help yourself.
I Believe: that dolphins are one of the world's most beautiful creatures.
I Believe: that guns are fun when used correctly.
I Believe: that taking risks is healthy.
I Believe: in singing at the top of my lungs in my car.
I Believe: that Nashville is one of our nation's greatest cities.
I Believe: that when you tell a girl you'll call, you should call.
I Believe: that running can change your life.
I Believe: in taking lots of pictures.
I Believe: in hand-written notes.
I Believe: in treating others the way I want to be treated.
I Believe: in love. hope. passion. empathy. faith. motivation. wisdom.
I Believe: fishing is a patient man's sport.
I Believe: you should take every opportunity to travel.
I Believe: you can always go home.
I Believe: in the power of friendship.
I Believe: in broken hearts.
I Believe: everything happens for a reason.
I Believe: in the appreciation of the quiet.
I Believe: sometimes you just have to HTFU.

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