Saturday, August 27, 2011

Taking a Moment....

We live in a fast paced world. And by fast paced, I mean technological. And by technological, I mean we're all connected to our cell phones. We may be texting, Facebooking, Tweeting, and gasp! maybe even making a phone call, but it seems like we're all caught up in our busy insane lives.

I think all of us are busy. We all claim to be anyway. We don't have time for this or that because we're "busy". We all have jobs. We all have lives. Some of us have kids, others choose dogs. Some of us spend insane amounts of time training for our next endurance event (not me), some choose to volunteer their time. Others choose to travel, some go to school, some spend a lot of time in church. Or, maybe you just play in the dirt. Whatever it is you do, it keeps you busy. And occupied - and chances are, you forget about taking time to appreciate the small things.

So, here's a reminder of some things you should quite possibly take time to appreciate.
    • Toothpaste - Seriously, whoever invented this needs a pat on the back. I don't think there's more of an explanation necessary. We all appreciate this one.
    • Smiling - We all know it takes more muscles to frown than smile. As cheesy as it may sound, you may change someone's mood. Of course, that can go one of two ways - they're happier, or they're irritated at your perkiness and want to smack you. It's a risk you've gotta take.
    • Family - Your family may be "real" family. They may be a group of friends. It could be people at work. Or maybe you were raised by a pack of wild dingos. Whatever it may be, appreciate them. Make sure they know it too. You never know when you may need someone to bail you out of jail.
    • Purses - While men may despise the ever humiliating task of holding a woman's purse, women can hardly function without them. In fact, I am almost sure that most women's life's story could be written from the contents of their purse.
    • Toilet Paper - Not just for the obvious. I mean, it's got so many other uses. Something to blow your nose, decorations on someone's front yard, hours of entertainment for your cat (or your toddler), or a gift. You know, the inappropriate type you give at a bachelorette party.
    • Annoying People - They're a constant reminder of how you do NOT want to act. That person who always has to "one-up" you? The one who picks their nose? Or maybe it's the one who could use a little Beano in their life. Whatever they do to annoy you, you don't want to be them.
    • DVR - How on earth did we ever live without the ability to pause and play live TV, or watch a show from three weeks ago? Oh the days of VHS and if you didn't see it the first time, you missed it.
    • Asian people - Really? Did you think I was going to go through this entire post without some sort of Asian dig? You have to love us. We're tanner than you, our eyes are squintier than yours, chances are we're smarter, can kung-fu like none other, and we all know we're awesome drivers. And, you wouldn't have all those technological devices either. Admit it - couldn't do without us.
    • Cupcakes - A world without cupcakes is like a year without rain. I would wither up and die, just like a plant would without water. Such a shame.
    • Underwear - For those weirdos out there who choose to NEVER wear any underpants, just skip over this one. But seriously, y'all know you love you some undies.
    • Cute Boys (And Cute Girls) - Everyone loves some eye candy. Justin Timberlake, anyone?
    • Pedicures - Is this vain? Totally. Can I imagine life without them? Sure, but I don't want to. And you don't want to see my feet without them.
    • Acting like a kid - You all know you still love it. Clearly I love it too - check out the picture.
    • YouTube - Even my 7 year old daughter loves this site. How else can something go viral and not actually force you to be in the bed for a day? Besides, we all love watching people make fools of themselves.
    • Dirt - This is especially good for those of you who spend your time playing in the dirt, but for the rest of us, if you think about it, dirt plays a pretty big role in things we eat. And us humans love to eat.
    • Possums - God's little reminder that we could always be uglier.
    • Thanksgiving - A shame we have to designate a holiday to remind us to be thankful, but one is better than none.
    • Cell Phone Cameras - For capturing those moments that you can use as blackmail against your friends later. Or, when you want to take a picture discreetly of someone to post on Facebook later to make fun of them.
    • Facebook - -verb: to make fun of, or to stalk someone.
    • Endings - like this blog.