Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To My Sweet Doodlebug...

To my sweet, sweet Doodlebug,

It's hard to believe that it's been 8 years ago that I was incredibly blessed by your birth. September 22, 2003 was one of the two best days of my life. Parts of it I remember as though it were yesterday, other parts are blurred by the new memories. I remember when I first found out you were in my tummy - I was so surprised. The first time I heard your heartbeat, I fell madly in love with you. The first time I saw your picture, it felt as though I was on top of the world. When I found out you were a girl, I immediately bought all things pink. I felt you moving inside of me and had such an incredible sense of love and joy fill my life.

I remember when you first came out, you swallowed a little too much fluid and you had to be put on oxygen. It upset me not to hold you immediately, but after 45 minutes, a sweet little bundle of you was placed in my arms. My life would never be the same. Little did I know it, but you would save me. My beautiful 7 lb, 11 oz. daughter, Kassidy Noelle.

You were the sweetest baby. Slept through the night early and never gave me any trouble. Your sweet personality was evident from the beginning; at the same time you had a passion for life mingled with that childhood innocence. However, you've always been so mature beyond your years.

In these past 8 years, I have put you through a lot of things that I hope someday you can understand. You have handled every situation with grace and finesse; probably better than many adults I know. You taught me how to love, how to show compassion, and how to forgive. I love you even more (if that's possible) for this.

I could not be any more proud of you. I wish you knew how much I loved you, that there was a way on this earth to show you with something you could see or physically feel. When I look at you, I see an absolutely, unbelievably incredible daughter. I am beyond blessed to have you in my life. You have shown me so much and there is no doubt in my mind you will continue to do so. You're my sweet princess that has a beautiful soul, you're kind to others, and I wish I had more of your soft spirit. Never change who you are, because that person is amazing.

Please know that everything I have done I have always wanted what was best for you. I know I haven't been perfect, and I'm going to make more mistakes, but I promise you that nothing has or ever will be your fault. You haven't done anything wrong. Thank you for being you. You have saved me so many times over the years.
I love you most - more than anything. Happy birthday sweet girl.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I Believe...

This weekend, someone I am acquainted with through work (and now through Twitter and Facebook as well) was tweeting about what he believed in. I am stealing his idea (Thanks, Chris Thomas!) and blogging about what I believe in. I'll add to it as I think about it.

I Believe: in sleeping in on the weekends.
I Believe: you should work hard for what you get, even if it seemingly gets you nowhere.
I Believe: in God. That being said,
I Believe: we all have a right to believe in whatever we want. It isn't my place to judge.
I Believe: that love knows no boundaries.
I Believe: that a good cupcake can brighten anyone's day.
I Believe: in laughing until it hurts.
I Believe: that men should open doors for everyone, especially women.
I Believe: that a glass of wine and a girl friend can make a bad day good.
I Believe: you can never tell your kids you love them too much.
I Believe: really bad things happen to really great people; and it sucks.
I Believe: in forgiveness.
I Believe: God had me in mind the day Adam Levine was put on this earth.
I Believe: it is healthy to be able to laugh at yourself.
I Believe: that a day of watching sports is a day well spent.
I Believe: in yes ma'am and no sir.
I Believe: that my daughter is the sweetest girl on the face of this planet.
I Believe: that bad exists so good can shine through.
I Believe: in reading a good book.
I Believe: sometimes you just need to cry.
I Believe: women are their own worst critic.
I Believe: in dancing half naked in my bedroom.
I Believe: food is the way to my heart.
I Believe: someday, I'll find some unsuspecting man to marry me.
I Believe: I'm a freaking princess.
I Believe: fears of frogs are completely rational.
I Believe: that when you help someone, you help yourself.
I Believe: that dolphins are one of the world's most beautiful creatures.
I Believe: that guns are fun when used correctly.
I Believe: that taking risks is healthy.
I Believe: in singing at the top of my lungs in my car.
I Believe: that Nashville is one of our nation's greatest cities.
I Believe: that when you tell a girl you'll call, you should call.
I Believe: that running can change your life.
I Believe: in taking lots of pictures.
I Believe: in hand-written notes.
I Believe: in treating others the way I want to be treated.
I Believe: in love. hope. passion. empathy. faith. motivation. wisdom.
I Believe: fishing is a patient man's sport.
I Believe: you should take every opportunity to travel.
I Believe: you can always go home.
I Believe: in the power of friendship.
I Believe: in broken hearts.
I Believe: everything happens for a reason.
I Believe: in the appreciation of the quiet.
I Believe: sometimes you just have to HTFU.